About Me

Ms. Maryam Mahdavi was born in Iran. She liked art and hand crafts since her childhood.

when she was a teenager, She left Iran for England to study in college and then returned to Iran.

In first 60s, she commenced her professional activity.

Ms. Mahdavi’s designs are inspired by 19th century cloths and different Iranian kinfolk. Her designs begin with traditional subjects and designs and then interlaces with modern patterns.

Her artwork is characterized by variation is color composition. After years of professional designing M. Mahdavi is now one of the fashion pioneers in Iran. after 37 years of extensive professional activities, now her special style is trending among a wide range  of audience, specially teenagers.

She has participated in public and private exhibitions inside and outside of the country, among which one of the prestigious global events, 2004 Victoria Albert hall in London could be cited.